Monday, May 4, 2009

Well Done Uganda!!!

Female genital mutilation (FGM) previously known as female circumcision is banned legally in most of the countries of Africa. Sabny is one of the few  communities in Uganda still practicing the horrific act. Recently, Sabny have decided  to ban FGM. The local Kapchorwa district council is lobbying Parliament to make the ban part of National law. The ban , heavily influenced by last year’s UN resolution against FGM, has been enforced just before the start of the seasonal tribal ritual of the procedure.

        FGM is practiced in some communities in Africa . It is believed to be an old African tradition not promoted by any religion.

*Article found in the Magazine: Reading Bee - Essential Journal for Asian Women
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*Reading BEE focuses on deep social issues, political debates, literary and intellectual discussions. It deals with questions of gender equality and women’s rights, and also the more serious issues of domestic violence, forced marriages and female sexual mutilation. These situations, as well as those who are struggling to help them, usually get very little coverage in women’s magazines.

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